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Your Baby’s Baptism

Baptism or christening is a very important tradition for any Christian family because it represents the act of giving your baby’s life over to God and it is also the first sacrament that your baby will ever receive. It is important for you to keep in mind that your baby’s christening is not all about the big party and the cake but it represents your baby essentially becoming a Christian where you will take the vows on behalf of your baby.

Tradition and custom

It is customary for your baby to be dressed in a christening gown for her baptism which is a long flowing white gown that is the same for male and female babies alike. However, this is just custom and there is no set rule that you would need to follow it for your own baby. Link here offer a great gown for your baby.

As times change, christening dresses are also changing. The traditional gown is a very long gown that can never be used for your baby again because it is a garment made specifically for the purpose of christening therefore the only time that you will ever be able to use the garment again is if and when you have another baby. In modern times however, parents are choosing to dress their girl children in perfect white dress that can be worn again by their babies. This means that your options will no longer be limited and you can choose to buy any dress you want for your baby as long as it is white in colour.

Although traditionally male and female children were both dressed in the same garment, modern parents are choosing to dress their boy children in little shirts and pants or even little tuxedoes, again with the intention of reusing the garment again so as to prevent spending excessive money on an outfit that will only be worn once.

Choosing of the God parents

Another important duty that Christian parents have is to choose the baby’s God parents, two people who will help the child and guide the child to be a good person in addition to take on the responsibility of the child in case the parents were ever to die and the baby was left an orphan. This is a very important decision because you will need to choose two people who are responsible enough to one day take on the responsibility of your baby in the unfortunate event that you were to die. You will need to choose a man and a woman who have the capability to look after your child and also to guide your child down the right path.